Instruction for Local Transport

Public transport in the city of Ancona is very efficient. The HumAN staff’s suggestion is that you get a weekly ticket so that you can move freely around the urban area.

The cost of the ticket is 12,00 €, while a single 60 minutes ride would cost you 1,35 €.

You can provide yourself with the ticket via the ATMA app by following these simple steps:

Step 1
Install the ATMA app
Available at both Google Play and Apple Store

Step 2
Go to Ticketoffice
After reginstering the app, tap on the Ticketoffice button

Step 3
Select the ATMA - Ancona Ticketoffice

Step 4

Step 5
Tap on Biglietto 7 giorni
which is Weekly ticket in Italian

Step 6
Choose quantity and payment method
The ticket will be valid for 7 days since the validation, which must be done before your first bus ride